Peripheral catheter / balloon Bantam® Clearstream Technologies Ltd

Peripheral catheter / balloon Bantam® Clearstream Technologies Ltd

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The Bantam state-of-the-art 0.018" OTW PTA catheter is innovatively designed with optimal profile for delivering superior flexibility and pushability for procedures of the upper and lower limb. bantam is equipped with ClearStream's balloon form "QuadFlex" well known for its durability in highly calcified vessels. The renowned balloon features smooth inflation, parallel surfaces and perfect straightness with no "dog-bone". The durable balloons are available in various sizes extending up to 220m length making them in the list of world's longest balloons. the ablloons also comes in various diameters ranging from 2.0mm to 9.0mm to enables the Bantam deliver an extended range of procedures with its unique designed features. The Bantam is also supplied with multiple shaft lengths to provide an easy access to a wide range of access points and perform procedures including an extended length of 75cm, 130cm and 180cm.
  • Characteristics:balloon
  • Area of the body:peripheral