Prosthesis fabrication software / CAM / medical / dental Zfx

Prosthesis fabrication software / CAM / medical / dental Zfx

Open, flexible and highly automated production Milling of individual crowns, small and multi-segmented bridges, abutments as well as implants provides significant time and cost advantages. Open systems ensure better flexibility for this. hyperDENT® is an open and highly automated programming system. It adjusts to procedures in dental laboratories and enables digital, precise production of dental prostheses. Complete NC programs can be created with only a few mouse clicks and entries. Basis is the automatic operator guidance, clear user interface and automated functions. With 3D processing strategies, strategies for angled milling and 5-axis simultaneous processing, even fully anatomic crowns and bridges can be produced at highest quality.
  • Medical establishment: : dental
  • Application domain: : medical
  • Function: : prosthesis fabrication, CAM

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