CAD software / for dental prosthesis design / medical Zfx

CAD software / for dental prosthesis design / medical Zfx

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Open system - model to milling in the blink of an eye Zfx CAD software lets you go from the model to the milling machine in the blink of an eye - the post-processing of the automatically generated designs is kept to a minimum. The scanned data and design objects are processed with a unique menu assistant and virtual articulator based on the Artex system. Anatomic designs with optional ceramic reduction for: crowns, bridges, inlays, telescopic crowns, Maryland bridges, implant bridges, abutments, wax-ups and attachments. The design data enable high-precision 5-axis simultaneous machining in the milling centre. Preparation of the CAD data: The design software's input data are unsegmented 3D scans of the actual arrangement in the patient's mouth. The scan data of the preparations, opposing jaws and gingiva must be available in triangulated form (STL or OFF format). To locate the edges of the preparation, the user selects one point on the edge of the preparation; undercuts are automatically blocked out. The remaining operations and the interior surface of the crowns are automatically computed and adapted to the available tools. All crown restorations can be dynamically, anatomically and individually adjusted.
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