Preoperative planning software / for liver surgery / medical mint Liver™ Mint Medical

Preoperative planning software / for liver surgery / medical mint Liver™ Mint Medical
mint Liver™

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Your solution for advanced liver diagnostics and therapy planning mint Liver™ offers valuable and efficient methods and workflows to support diagnosis and therapy planning of liver diseases. By using advanced PACS interfaces and fully automated analysis of your image data, mint Liver™ finishes tedious image processing tasks before you even start to diagnose your patient. During therapy planning, a palette of intuitive tools provides you with the opportunity to model and compare various, alternative therapy strategies in a short time to assess the best possible treatment for your patient. Key Benefits How can you benefit from using mint Liver™? mint Liver™ supports your diagnosis and treatment planning with innovative and efficient image processing tools. Whether you are planning a segment resection or evaluating the volumetries of donors and donees for a living liver transplantation mint Liver™ supports you with intuitive 3D imaging of the individual liver anatomy as well as with the assessment of different therapy strategies. - Improved diagnosis quality and efficiency - Detailed analysis and visualization of your patients anatomy for you, the patient, and your surgeons - Fully automated image analysis provides you with efficient and time-saving workflows - Risk analysis and assessment of resection strategies for an optimal treatment plan - Customizable reports communicate your work to patients and colleague
  • Application domain:for liver surgery, medical
  • Function:preoperative planning