Precision sandblaster DENTASTRAHL COMBI OBODENT GmbH

Precision sandblaster DENTASTRAHL COMBI OBODENT GmbH

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For your dental blasting needs, DENTASTRAHL COMBI is one of the leading choices in the market. It enables you to process blasting, roughing or finish blasting. Its design is specifically developed for bonding and other dental works for the crown and bridge. The DENTASTRAHL COMBI is featured with three large abrasive tanks and a blasting nozzle which comes in the same color with the tanks. It also has a pedal switch to start and stop operation without compromising the performance of both hands of the dental technician. The blasting chamber has a shadow-free illumination which allows clear observation. It also has a compressed air water collector that prevents the abrasives from getting wet. The DENTASTRAHL COMBI consumes relatively low energy supply making it very practical for every dental laboratory.
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