Dental laboratory oven DENTATHERM F6 / F12 OBODENT GmbH

Dental laboratory oven DENTATHERM F6 / F12 OBODENT GmbH

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The product is preheating furnace including the fibre insulation. DENTATHERM preheating furnaces has become the perfect choice for every technique because of its user friendliness and huge technical advantages. The requirement of the various sizes of the laboratories can be efficiently met by the two types of furnace chambers, the F6 and F12. In spite of being a preheating surface of high temperature, the product consumes much less energy due to the presence of the fibre insulation as compared to the traditional furnaces. The furnace chambers are provided with the ceramic lining which does not sense the mechanical stresses. The OBODENT preheating furnaces is provided with a good insulation that has the ability to cool down rapidly and it can be charged various times in a single day. The advanced technological unit of the electronic control of the product offers the laboratory with a wide variation scope. It has the capability to store 9 complete programs. The 3 of the programs can be linked with one another like a chain. It also features digital displays, acustic and visual signals.
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