Posture corrective orthopedic suit Spinomed® active men medi

Posture corrective orthopedic suit Spinomed® active men medi
Spinomed® active men

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The first corsety for men on the market with an integrated back orthosis for the treatment of osteoporosis The Spinomed active men back orthosis is the optimum addition to the long term medical treatment of osteoporosis. It looks like a sports body for men with a close-fitting leg section in fashionable anthracite. It is made up of a textile orthosis carrier that fits around the upper body and an individually adjustable back brace in stable aluminium which slides into the back pocket. Areas of application Osteoporotic bone collapse in the thoracic and lumbar spine Hyperkyphosis with chronic back pain Mechanism of action The Spinomed active men back orthosis stabilises spines that have been damaged by one or more vertebral fractures. Strengthening of the weakened trunk muscles is boosted. The textile section incorporates a retaining strap that supports the posture. The back brace is adapted to the individual spinal curvature and fits into the pocket provided. Therefore the orthosis cannot slip out of place and, in addition, it stimulates the strengthening of the muscles. It has a permanent bio-feedback effect: while the textile component actively promotes the straightening of the back, the back brace ensures stability.

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