Arm sling with shoulder abduction pillow / human medi SAS® multi medi

Arm sling with shoulder abduction pillow / human medi SAS® multi medi
medi SAS® multi

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The medi SAS multi is a shoulder abduction splint. It is available in both a left and a right version. A short version can be used for patients with shorter forearms. Features Secure positioning of the arm thanks to the anatomical design of the cushion Hand rest enables early forearm training Indications Post-operative immobilisation following: Ruptures to the rotator cuff: If a rotator cuff (group of muscles and tendons) is torn, this is repaired surgically. A rupture of this nature may, for example, result from constant wear on the tendon or from falling on the outstretched arm. Humeral head fractures: Breaks in the upper region of the upper arm bone are referred to as "humeral head fractures". In many cases, these are treated surgically, followed by immobilisation of the arm with an appropriate orthosis / brace. Training of the muscles can be commenced shortly thereafter using the ball of the hand rest. Implantation of a shoulder endoprothesis: Endoprotheses are artificial joints which remain in the body permanently.
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