Portable urine analyzer Aution Micro Menarini Diagnostics

Portable urine analyzer Aution Micro Menarini Diagnostics
Aution Micro

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The Aution Micro is a truly compact little urinalysis device, and is in fact the smallest portable device of its kind on the market. It reliability, and measurement accuracy, based upon thermal, color, and SG corrections that are performed, are unsurpassed for a unit of this size. All that is required is to dip a test strip into a sample of urine and feed the strip into the analyzer. The results of the analysis will appear on the LCD display in about one minute. The results, stored in the unit can be instantly printed out by means of the removable printer . The Aution Micro with its USB port is fully PC compatible. The unit can operate either on batteries or from an AC outlet.
  • Configuration:portable
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