Portable multi-parameter monitor / veterinary / anesthesia / with touchscreen Vet Trends® 6400 SystemVET

Portable multi-parameter monitor / veterinary / anesthesia / with touchscreen Vet Trends® 6400 SystemVET
Vet Trends® 6400

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Veterinary Anesthesia just became safer with a veterinary anesthesia monitor that redefines simplicity and reliably.... the Vet Trends® 6400 monitor was designed by Veterinarians for Veterinarians. 100% proudly manufactured in the United States. Over 12 years veterinary monitoring experience has gone into the newest design of the only veterinary specific monitor. Uniquely Designed from the ground up for the veterinary patient and staff "The Vet Trends 6400 monitor is a great, compact monitor. The ECG works great on small patients registering a heart rate of up to 400 beats per minute." Janet Pezzi, LVMT UT College of Veterinary Medicine Avian, Exotics & Zoological Animal Hospital We are different! The bar has been too low for too long... finally an alternative to Chinese human monitors... Veterinary Specificity, accuracy and quality is our "commitment" and Improved Patient Outcomes is our passion there is only one Veterinary Vital Signs monitor with these commitments... the Vet Trends An alternative to re-labeled Chinese intensive care human monitors.... Simple to operate A simple intuitive Color Touch Screen.. Optional Removable Battery.... providing a backup battery for transport Light weight, portable, versital... moving into any clinical area ECG specific for veterinary patients.... HR up to 400 bpm Nellcor SpO2 Reliable Respiration Pulse Rate Invasive Blood Pressure (Optional) EtCO2 for small and large veterinary patients. A rugged veterinary proof Microstream, Low Flow, Inspired and Expired CO2 with quantitative CO2 Waveform (optional) Alarms with adjustable limits Trending all patient values
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