Linear stapler / cutter / for skin SystemVET

Linear stapler / cutter / for skin SystemVET

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Finally. A Reloadable, Reusable, Autoclavable, Affordable Veterinary Fixed Head Surgical Skin Stapler The rapID™ skin stapler allows the veterinary clinician all the benefits of skin stapling without the environmental and cost concerns. No more begging your local human hospital for discarded skin staplers. Finally a reusable, reloadable skin stapler that meets all your skin stapling needs! The rapID™ skin stapler is the only affordable, reliable solution for ideal veterinary wound closures. Re-Loadable Stainless Steel Skin Cartridge Significantly reduce wound closure time Autoclave over 10 times for significant cost savings Skin Stapler with 35 Wide Stainless Steel Staples rapID stapler can be used for skin closure in a wide variety of surgical procedures Five sterilized rapID staplers per box Ten 35 sterilized 316L staple cartridges per box Excellent ergo dynamic design and feel Skin staple after closure 3.6 mm X 6.9 mm wide Manufactured in the United States Clear plastic so you can see any contaminants less rotated staples and jams
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