Portable Color Doppler Ultrasonic System

Portable Color Doppler Ultrasonic System

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Imaging modes B, 2B, 4B, M, B|M, PW, B|D, B|C|D, velocity, power (direction), Triplex |Duplex Probes 3.5Mhz Convex Probe, 6.5Mhz Convex Probe, 7.5Mhz Linear Probe, 3.0Mhz Phased Array Probe, 4.0Mhz Volume Probe Image Processing Technology Imaging optimization, Compound enhance technology, Speckle reduction, Multi-beam parallel processing, Wall filter, Color coding, Doppler frame correlation, THI File Management Hard disk storage, Network Storage, Cine loop, USB, DICOM 3.0 (Optional) Measurement Packages OB, GYN, Small Parts, Urology, Andrology, Cardiac, Vascular Standard Configuration Main Unit, 3.5Mhz Convex Probe, 15CD, 4 USB Ports Options 6.5Mhz Convex Probe, 7.5Mhz Linear Probe, 3.0Mhz Phased Array Probe, 4.0Mhz Volume Probe, 4D, DICOM 3.0, Printer, Foot Switch Specifications: 1.Hand Carried Color Doppler Ultrasonic Diagnostic system with ergonomically designed, streamline figure and shining look. 2.15 inch high resolution and brightness monitor 3.2 Probe connectors 4.Transmitting and receiving digital channels=512 5.Full digital multi-beam forming device,dynamic focus, adjustable apodization aperture, multi-signal parallel processing, A/D=12bit 6.The built-in ultrasonic workstation,DICOM3.0 interface and the corresponding software 7.Acoustic beam color doppler imaging, has the color velocity diagram, energy figure, the direction of energy figure 8.THI 9.Mode: B/CFM,B/CFM/PW,B/PW 10.Inserted all-in-one USB-Disk to save real-time dynamic and static patient cases. Saving formats are compatible by family normal PC. 11.Channel: 32, can realize 64 12.Bits in CPU:32
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