Pocket Baby Fun Fetal Doppler

Pocket Baby Fun Fetal Doppler

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Brief Introduction FD-200B ultrasonic fetal doppler meets the fetus daily check and routine examination at home, clinic, community and hospital. Features 1.Easy and convenient operation 2.High-fidelity, crystal clear sound 3.Earphone and speaker are feasible 4.High sensitivity doppler probe 5.Low ultrasound dosage 6.Display with backlight LCD 7.Unique ergonomic design Technical Specification 1.Ultrasound frequency: 2MHz 2.Ultrasound intensity: <10mW/cm2 3.Power supply: Alkalinity battery 4.Display: 45mmX25mm LCD 5.FHR Measuring range: 50~240bpm 6.FHR resolution: 1bpm 7.FHR accuracy: 1bpm 8.Power consumption: <1W 9.Dimension :135mm X95mm X35mm 10.Weight:500g
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