Pocket video dermatoscope VEOS DS3 Canfield Imaging Systems

Pocket video dermatoscope VEOS DS3 Canfield Imaging Systems

The VEOS DS3 is the most versatile handheld dermatoscope available today. With an embedded iPod Touch and combined with Canfield´s exclusive optics and lighting, it delivers advanced dermoscopy in a high-technology mobile digital imaging platform. The DS3 provides image preview, lesion tagging, database management, digital capture and more by using the VEOS software application controlled through a high-resolution touch screen display. The clinician can switch between contact and non-contact viewing, polarized and non-polarized lighting modes, or rotate the dermatoscope lens out of the way in order to get an overview photograph of the patient. The VEOS DS3 features a zoom and pan image facility, an image database management system, 10x magnification, and it can send images by email.
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