Pocket dermatoscope VEOS HD2 Canfield Imaging Systems

Pocket dermatoscope VEOS HD2 Canfield Imaging Systems

The VEOS HD2 is the preferred instrument when viewing either subdermal pigmentation and vascularity or surface structure. Its bright, high contrast viewing through dual-mode lighting makes its easy to use. The pocket-friendly design provides a compact feel for users. Offering 10x magnification through contact & non-contact imaging, the VEOS HD2 creates a crisp visual of every detail, a result of state of the art precision optics. Users of the VEOS HD2 will find the button controls when switching from polarized and non-polzarized lightning very handy. It is powered by a long-lasting lithium ion battery bundled with an indicator for battery usage and consumption. Explore the optional one-click sleeve kit for iPhone integration. Finally, it comes with a 5 year warranty.
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4 Wood Hollow Road,
Parsippany, NJ
United States
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