Pharyngoscope fiberscope / laryngoscope OP-20 OPTOMIC ESPAÑA

Pharyngoscope fiberscope / laryngoscope OP-20 OPTOMIC ESPAÑA

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This OPTOMIC microscope was made with the highest optical and mechanical technology to meet quality standards. Its mechanics guarantee that the microscope can be smoothly and accurately moved. The light structure and double arm allow this microscope to be moved easily and comfortably, making it a great tool to use during exams and surgeries. The fiber optic cable and optics of high light transmission provide a cold light that makes it optimal for work in deep fields and guarantees high resolution and luminosity. This microscope utilizes anti-reflex treatments that provide natural images. The monocular can be straight or inclined up to 45 degrees depending on user preference. There is a double 150 watt halogen light with a cooling system. The wide field eyepiece magnify up to 16 times.
  • Type of endoscope:laryngoscope, pharyngoscope
Madroño 4F. Pol. Ind. La Mina,
Colmenar Viejo
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