ENT workstation / 1-station Optimus OPTOMIC ESPAÑA

ENT workstation / 1-station Optimus OPTOMIC ESPAÑA

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The OPTIMUS ENT treatment unit is a superior flexible medical unit and an essential part of any ENT clinics. The compact device fits in tight spaces and occupies only 0.5 m² of floor space and offers greater than 3 m² of usable space, including work surfaces, drawers and shelves for holding various medical accessories. OPTIMUS ENT in combination with OPTOMICs ENT chairs delivers outstanding results during ENT examinations. The OPTIMUS treatment unit easily fits to endoscopy equipment, such as the OPTOMIC manufactures cameras and light sources or other any available brands in the market. The compete integration of OPTIMUS treatment unit with endoscopy tower conserves space. Addition of OP-C12 ENT examination microscope completes the ENT unit for demanding diagnoses.
  • Number of stations:1-station
  • Application:ENT
Madroño 4F. Pol. Ind. La Mina,
Colmenar Viejo
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