Perforated sterilization basket Richard Wolf

Perforated sterilization basket Richard Wolf
Richard Wolf

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Functionality, flexibility and safety The universal sterilization basket system from Richard Wolf provides safe and gentle accommodation for the valuable instrument set during sterilization, storage and transport. The system provides an exemplary combination of functionality, flexibility and safety. The basket systems in standard sizes can be provided with a sterile packaging. Alternatively, they can also be sterilized in a sterilization container, such as Martin, Aesculap, Wagner. The patented double frame construction prevents the mesh basketwork from "fraying". Frayed basketwork can injure the user and may damage the sterilization packaging. This frame therefore ensures maximum safety and a long service life. Minimal contact with the surface of instruments is ensured by the special design of the silicone holders. Top-heavy instruments are securely fixed with an open and a closed silicone holder. Virtually all set configurations can be accommodated with the easily exchangeable silicone holders. A range of different sizes of sterilzation baskets are supplied. Minimal contact surface the steam has unrestricted contact with all surfaces Flexible mount for individual set configurations Comprehensive accessories Stackable Enhanced safety during sterilization, storage and transport Special baskets can be individually configured for the relevant specialist areas
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