Electrosurgical electrode (arthroscopy) Graftline Richard Wolf

Electrosurgical electrode (arthroscopy) Graftline Richard Wolf

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Graftline - System for arthroscopic cruciate ligament surgery One System – A Wealth of Options Graftline, the newly designed instrument and implant system from Richard Wolf provides the versatile, medical platform for successful reconstruction of anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. Modular structure, diversity and universality - Graftline offers highly specialized, partly patented technology for an enormous range of surgical opportunities. Graftline permits selection from a range of fixation methods: There is a choice of different fixation implants and implant-free techniques for the cruciate ligament graft without having to spend time carrying out adjustments or modifications. Graftline gives surgeons access to all methodological channels: From standard techniques to innovative specific solutions. BTB, BT grafts, hamstrings or allografts, oval tunnel technique and hollow-burr technique to harvest bone blocks. Instrument and implant solutions only supplied from Richard Wolf and which meet all the requirements provide an exceptionally complete system which surgeons only now have access to. Planned down to the last detail and with the option of offering four application-specific complete sets. A basic set with standard instruments for the knee and three specific combined sets for ACL. Four sterilization instrument baskets with logical allocation of instruments facilitate safe reprocessing of the valuable Graftline Instrument Set as well as always providing the necessary overview and orderly access.
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