Pelvic examination simulator / female 60905 Limbs & Things

Pelvic examination simulator / female 60905 Limbs & Things

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In response to customer feedback, the new CFPT Mk 3 has been designed with three major improvements in mind: greater durability: new materials are harder wearing simplified design: model is easy to disassemble and uterine modules are quickly and easily changed (no clips or screws) greater variety of modules: each with a different combination of uterine & cervical anatomical variations, and additional pathologies Presents accurate anatomical and tactile representation of the female pelvis for hands-on examination and diagnosis of pathologies and abnormalities. It can be used for many levels of training from undergraduate onwards, in addition to family health. Skills Recognition of perineal and pelvic anatomy including bony landmarks Digital vaginal examination Bi-manual examination Cervical smear procedure (including use of speculum) Digital rectal examination
  • Patient type:female
  • Procedure:pelvic examination
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