Peel-away introducer Covidien

Peel-away introducer Covidien

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The Sheath introducer is utilized as a delivery mechanism for peripheral arterial access. It enables optimum delivery while the dilator tip allows for predictable pushability. Consistent access is guaranteed due to the optimized technology. The Sheath is kink resistant as it has a coil reinforced construction. The dilator tip is flexible and visualization is enhanced due to the radiopaque band situated at the distal tip. Low friction occurs during delivery as the device features a PTFE coated lumen. The Sheath is available in 7 and 8 French sizes. The medium and large vessel devices are compatible with the 8F sheath, and the 7F sheath is said to have an internal diameter compatible with the crossing profile of the LS-M, LX-M and MS-M non-flush tip devices.
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