Electrosurgical unit electrode / argon plasma Valleylab™ Covidien

Electrosurgical unit electrode / argon plasma Valleylab™ Covidien

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The product has the ability to give standard or argon-strengthened coagulation and cutting with a single instrument and lets the multifunctional ArgonPlus handset to offer unparalleled surgical flexibility for laparoscopic and open procedures. The ArgonPlus™ handset is having a complicated electrode design. It characterizes argon-strengthened coagulation and safeguards the laparoscopic electrode tip from any damage at the time of inserting and withdrawing from the cannula. The selection of complicated ArgonPlus™ electrodes comprises of blade and needle electrodes for open methods and the laparoscopic electrodes in a choice of tip configurations. Adjustable coagulation electrodes too are available in various lengths.
  • Technology:argon plasma
  • Application:for electrosurgical units
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