Patient data management system / hematology ABX Pentra ML HORIBA Medical

Patient data management system / hematology ABX Pentra ML HORIBA Medical
ABX Pentra ML

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ABX Pentra ML is a compact system to facilitate validation process of blood related diseases (Hematology) for efficiency. It comes with ergonomic features to serve the patients, clinicians and physicians effectively. Other than having minimized slide review, it is standardized for laboratory practice. It is used for better performance and suitable for optimized accreditation procedure. It is equipped with hematology dedicated QC which enables multi-level management and collection of lots, submission of results line by line, XB, repetition, Levey-Jennings graphs, etc. Other than looking screen at 3 different levels simultaneously it has connection with inter-laboratory contrast program. Inter-runs comparisons are done irrespective of the type of the instrument (same technology is used for the entire product range). The reagent is standardized when in use. Ideal for control and calibration, it shares similar rules between the central laboratory and all the satellite laboratories. Multi-criteria rules (validation, re-runs, reflex testing, printing, comments, diagnosis, etc.) can be tailored. It manages complementary reflex testing like blood counts (Reticulocytes, Erythroblasts), cytology (manual slides or HemaCAM), and ISLH diagnostic analysis guidelines.
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