Passive wheelchair / reclining PINGUINO RQL - GOLEM tables

Passive wheelchair / reclining PINGUINO RQL - GOLEM tables

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The product has been designed for people with spinal injuries, paralysed upper or lower limbs, physical or mental handicaps, with cerebral palsy etc. It is therefore primarily designed for children and adults who require many accessories that are part of every Pinguino, to be able to sit correctly and work independently. The positioning chair is manufactured in two sizes: Pinguino Junior for children from 4 to 12; Pinguino Senior for children from 10 and adults. All parts are freely adjustable for the left or right limb accordingly to the user’s age, height and type of disability. The disabled person can be put into a horizontal, sitting or vertical position. The seat and backrest are cushioned and covered with fabric. Metal parts are protected with baked coating in grey. All parts are washable.
U Jelena 7/109,
736 01 Havirov
Czech Republic
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