Gynecological examination chair / urological / electrical / on casters GOLEM URODYNAMIC RQL - GOLEM tables

Gynecological examination chair / urological / electrical / on casters GOLEM URODYNAMIC RQL - GOLEM tables

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The table is optimized for urodynamics examinations, but it can of course be used for examinations in the lying and gynaecological positions. The position of the patient (including children) is continuously adjustable from the lying to the sitting position, including backward incline (Trendelenburg) and general height. The seat and backrest are fully translucent in all positions for C-arm scanning in the horizontal as well as vertical direction. The shape of the bottom frame allows for pushing in a uroflowmeter stand. The general design as well as individual details were consulted with leading experts in urodynamics examinations. The basic version is stationary; the 600 mm wide operating surface is covered with washable artificial leather in a colour of your choice. It is divided into a head segment, a back segment, a seat with a deep cut-out, and a removable leg segment with a cut-out fill; when this segment is installed, a surface of 1950 mm in length is created. All electric drives are operated manually and the positions can be changed even if the table is fully loaded. Lengths of segments: seat 400 mm, backrest 500 mm, head 400 mm, legs 550 mm. The table is fully equipped by EUROrails for the fastening of accessories around the seat, removable Goepel leg supports with a jointed fixture, infusion set holder, foot step with a non-slip finish. All elements can be easily and comfortably adjusted and removed from the table, which means that the patient can also get on from the side.
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