Paraffin cooling module TKF 22 Medite GmbH

Paraffin cooling module TKF 22 Medite GmbH
TKF 22

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Medite's Quick Cool Unit TKF 22 is a solid-drawn cooling tray made of high-grade steel which enables the cooling of 180 paraffin blocks simultaneously. The high performing unit is cooling down to -35°C in a very short time. The electronic temperature control with a range from -35°C to +15°C is continuously adjustable. The following accessories, available at moderate cost, add versatility to the application of this unit: paraffin block trays (for sorting) and cooling of paraffin blocks consisting of each 7 trays for 22 paraffin blocks each as well as an easy to clean plastic lid for energy savings. Other technical data includes: Total dimension of 400x645x250 mm, Dimension of cooling tray at 327x300x40 mm, Weight of 23 kg and power supply of 115-230 V/50/60 Hz/450 VA.
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