Panoramic X-ray system (dental radiology) / digital CYPHER / CYPHER E ASAHI Roentgen

Panoramic X-ray system (dental radiology) / digital CYPHER / CYPHER E ASAHI Roentgen

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Everywhere in the advanced dental clinics show kind consideration for the agreeable atmosphere for patient. For example, gentle appearance and interior design of the clinic, cure space with full protection of privacy, creation of relaxing atmosphere by aromatherapy, … The same consideration is also requested to X-ray unit which is essential for dental diagnostic. Cypher is a solution of the new generation digital panoramic X-ray unit attaching the importance to the provision of agreeable atmosphere for both patient and clinic. Cypher has the basic performances to provide clear image and excellent operability as well as “the function gentle to human and environment”. For example, when you align the positioning beams to a patient, Cypher moves to the position automatically with the beams. Cypher is capable of smooth exposure without compelling a patient to take unnatural posture. After exposure, X-ray image of the patient is displayed on a PC monitor at the side of the chair in real time. Further, the versatile image processing function of the software(ADR PLUS) provides the diagnosis information necessary for dental care, supports the clinic to provide advanced dental care and correct orientation of treatment, and supports the clinic to enhance the quality of informed consent.
  • Type of system:panoramic X-ray system
  • Technology:digital
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