Panoramic X-ray system (dental radiology) / analog AUTOIIIE ASAHI Roentgen

Panoramic X-ray system (dental radiology) / analog AUTOIIIE ASAHI Roentgen

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Exact and fine reproductive patient positioning with 3 beam lines. Easy changing of radiographic condition from panorama to T.M.J. with easy operation of control panel. Rapid Panoramic Radiograph in 6.4 sec. is available. Difficult radiograph for child or aged and physically handicapped person can be taken more easily. Panoramic image is less blurring with equivalent sharpness than normal panoramic radiograph. Radial Panoramic radiograph can decrease overlap of teeth image and it serves efficient diagnosis of adjoing teeth. Cross section radiograph can provide tomographic image of mandible and maxilla bones, which is necessary for diagnosis, and it surely serves exact treatment. Features Panoramic Radiograph in 6.4 sec Semi-Auto focus radiography Generator of Inverter with complete current * Automatic exposure contorol Marked by * is specification for AUTONT/ AUTONTCM
  • Type of system:panoramic X-ray system
  • Technology:analog
376-3 Tsukiyama-cho Kuze,
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