Oxygen tent CAPUZ Olidef cz

Oxygen tent CAPUZ Olidef cz

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- Destined to use in treatments of respiratory problems, supplying to the patient an environment with high concentration of moisture and oxygen. Technical Characteristics: - Trapezoidal shape. - Built in transparent acrylic allowing total patient visualization. - Frontal opening for the neck. - Two openings for release of carbonic gas. - Entry with cover for humidifier. - Inlet valve in the rear part, with deflector for distribution of the admitted oxygen, avoiding direct incidence on the patient. - Manufactured with no sharp corners, facilitating cleaning and disinfection, offering greater comfort and safety to the patient. - Humidifier with 500 ml reservoir. OBS: Some of the above mentioned items are optional.
Avenida Patriarca, 2223 Vila Virginia,
Ribeirão Preto
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