Infant transport incubator RWT Plus Olidef cz

Infant transport incubator RWT Plus Olidef cz
RWT Plus

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- Transport incubator for newborns and high risk premature infants with low birth weight or serious illnesses. - Self check alarms - Integrated Control Panel with 7 inch Color touch screen Liquid Crystal Display. - Temperature control: Manual (air temperature control inside the cupola) and NB (skin temperature servo controlled). - Temperature digital indication for air, NB and desired one. - Pulse Oximetry System (optional): supplied with two sensors for neonatal use, allows monitoring heart rate, hemoglobin saturated with oxygen in the blood (SpO2) and plethysmographic curve display in the incubator. - Main Alarms: hot air, cold air, power supply line fail, battery power fail, lack of air circulation, overheating, system failure, battery discharged, and external power supply reversed polarity, hypothermia, hyperthermia and disconnected NB sensor. - Low level of internal noise. - Doble wall acrylic cupola, portholes for patient access with front and lateral doors. - Body constructed in high strength plastic, no sharp corners and smooth finish. - Removable and autoclavable oval portholes. - Oxygen regulated valve with micro filter
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