Oxygen flowmeter / variable-area / plug-in type H-1 HERSILL

Oxygen flowmeter / variable-area / plug-in type H-1 HERSILL

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The Rotameter for the delivery of oxygen has a complete, antistatic, graduated cristal tube with a regulating control knob. The Rotameter is composed of two anodized aluminuim pieces and a transparent ploycarbonate tube. The instrument can be fitted to oxygen cylinders with regulators or to the hospital pipeline by the inlet fitting located in lower back part of the instrument. The scale measurement of the Rotameter is 0-10 L/min (24 divisions from 0 to 2 liters, 8 divisions from 2 to 10 liters). The outlet of the Rotameter allows it to be connected to a vaporizer or to a patients direct gas outlet. The Rotameter is 290 x 80 x 70 mm and weighs 500 grams, with a feeding fitting of hose outlet of Ø inner 4 mm, external 6 mm and an outlet fitting of conic 23 mm.
  • Connection type:plug-in type
  • Technology:variable area
  • Gas type:oxygen
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