Electronic oxygen conserver Oxymo HERSILL

Electronic oxygen conserver Oxymo HERSILL

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This digital oxygen therapy tool offers a portable solution for patients with specific dosing anf oxygen conservation needs. The unit offers adjustable doses ranging from 0.5 to 9.5 L with a minimum delay as well. It also features an adjustable trigger ranging from -05 and -7.5 mmH2O, which enables optimization of the unit for each individual patients needs. This device can take on a pressure supply at 1,5 + 0.1 bar, either from a specific regulator, a standard regulator or liquid oxygen. It also comes standard with a fcused management system and a bevvy of alarms targeting issues like apnea, battery depletion, and an overall decrease in oxygen supply. Also available is the option to introduce a password; this makes for extremely high levels of control over patient oxygen levels. The unit can be powered in three ways: 1) Rechargeable battery NiMH (provided) 2) two batteries AA 3) From a provided AC/CD adapter. The overall dimensions of the unit are 87 x 66 x 25 mm.
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