Orbital external cosmetic prosthesis RealLifeSkin™ RealLifeSkin

Orbital external cosmetic prosthesis RealLifeSkin™ RealLifeSkin

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RealLifeSkin™ Orbital prostheses are designed from several exclusive prosthetic technologies only available at the Real Life Center: The outer hyper-life-like RealLifeSkin™ prosthetic skin and the sub-dermal Intra-Anatomy™. These technologies are profiled in the Technologies section of the website. Prosthesis Retention Retention of RealLifeSkin™ orbital prostheses is accomplished by several methods: use of our patented Intra-Anatomy™ (also called Internal Fixation Retention- IFR), osseointegration, medical adhesive, use of eye glasses, or a combination of these methods. The above diagram depicts the use of the Intra-Anatomy™ prosthesis retention method. During the first Clinic visit, each patient is evaluated individually to best determine which prosthetic retention method or combination of prosthetic methods is best for them. Many patients email photographs for a pre-prosthesis evaluation in order to save on travel resources this can be done through the online Contact Form found under the Contact section.
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