Eye external cosmetic prosthesis RealLifeEye™ RealLifeSkin

Eye external cosmetic prosthesis RealLifeEye™ RealLifeSkin

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RealLifeEye™ artificial eye technology is a unique and proprietary process that produces eye prostheses that are extraordinarily like-like in appearance. The prosthetic eye irises (colored part of the eye) are filled with ultra fine stroma detail and remarkable three-dimensional depth. The RealLifeEye™ scleras (white part of the eye) with their poly-chromatic washes of color and vascular depth, also appear as living tissue.The RealLifeEye™ prosthetic eye technology is offered in varying levels of symmetry and color requirements. Most patients find the unsurpassed realism of the eye prosthesis technology more than suitable, however, for more specific needs, the RealLifeEye™ prosthetic eye technology can even be tailored to match the companion eye as a literal photographic-copy, capturing every subtile detail of the iris-fingerprint. This photo-symmetry version of the artificial eye technology is perfect for professionals such as medical doctors whose profession requires them to evaluate their patients in close proximity. Executives and other professionals also find this level of prosthetic eye detail duplicating symmetry essential for their profession.
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