Ophthalmic perimeter (ophthalmic examination) / static perimetry PTS 910 Optopol Technology

Ophthalmic perimeter (ophthalmic examination) / static perimetry PTS 910 Optopol Technology
PTS 910

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Automated perimeter PTS 910 BY is a modern diagnostic instrument for precise and fast testing of field of vision by means of static stimuli. Depending on chosen test strategy, it enables to define the sensitivity threshold of retina in a given area, as well as to make a fast screening test. Implemented BSV strategy allows examination of diplopy areas. Testing of drivers is also possible thanks to included extended field, that enables testing field up to 80 degrees temporally and Binocular Drivers Test. The device also enables examination by means of flickering stimuli for CFF (Critical Fusion Frequency) measurement purposes. A new optional feature is the possibility to use “blue on yellow” (SWAP) examination method. This new examination method uses blue stimuli points presented on bright yellow background. Built-in autodiagnostic functions will automatically detect any damages to device’s hardware and report it to the user. Test result is presented as four easy-to-interpret graphic charts, two of them are related to age norm and standard field of vision. Test result printout contains also additional information useful for interpretation, such as mean defect, pattern defect, Bebie curve, defects progress analysis, and hill of vision. Examination reliability can be estimated on the basis of false negative and false positive tests. Built-in digital camera allows eye-detection during examination and during setting patient’s position; thanks to auto-detection of pupil position - it allows a continuous automatic control of fixation. Automatically controlled chin-rest enables to set proper patient’s position precisely and easily.
  • Type of instrument:ophthalmic perimeter

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