Operating theater filtering ceiling CLEANSUITE® Huntair

Operating theater filtering ceiling CLEANSUITE® Huntair

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The CLEANSUITE system from HUNTAIR is a modular, ceiling-hung plenum with integrated filtration, electrical, piping and structural equipment supports. Its uses include hospital operating rooms, outpatient surgery centers and other laminar flow applications requiring low turbulence airflow and optimized contamination control. Nosocomial infections are a major concern for healthcare facilities because of their impact on the quality of patient care, added costs and potential liability. CLEANSUITE offers single point responsibility versus traditional field-built systems – arriving at the jobsite in modules that can be navigated through standard doorways and service elevators, lifted into place and connected to the building structure. Each all-inclusive module can include integral boom mount(s), lights, filtration, air balancing, sprinklers, medical gas connections and more. Single point connections are provided for all services including electric, water and/or medical gas.
  • Medical establishment:for operating theaters