Air handling unit for healthcare facilities / roof-top LMU Huntair

Air handling unit for healthcare facilities / roof-top LMU Huntair

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The HUNTAIR LMU is a versatile make-up air unit designed to meet any application requiring tempered air for air replacement. The product line bears the UL label for all catalogued heating and cooling options, including integral exhaust air. The make-up air section is pre-engineered to match system application requirements. The supply fan is a heavy duty DWDI forward curved fan, typically belt driven, which is mounted on neoprene isolation for reduced noise and vibration. Optional spring isolation for the fan/motor assembly is available on request. Heating options include direct fired gas, indirect fired gas, electric, steam, and hot water coils. Cooling options include chilled water and DX coils, and evaporative cooling for economical operation, reliability, and efficiency. Factory mounted control systems are available and provide single source responsibility for system performance. All electrical wiring is terminated in a UL Listed control panel for a single point field electrical connection.
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