Operating room / modular / hybrid Lindo® SHD Italia

Operating room / modular / hybrid Lindo® SHD Italia

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The Lindo® prefabricated self-loading modular system, available in wall cladding or partition versions, offers technological innovaton and extreme flexibility, with its basic composition of a steel subframe to which finishing panels, doors and integrated accessories are mounted.. The Lindo System® is constituted of: 1. Substructure self-loading The Lindo System® is constituted of a specific self-loading substructure that consists of a composition of particular aluminium profiles and stainless steel wiredrawing. The Lindo System® ensures maximum structural independence from the surrounding atmosphere and thanks to convenient technical gaps consents the seating and placement of network installations besides of acting as support to the structure it self.. Visually the system is characterized technically for its rounded shapes and the total absence of live edges, ensuring that all surfaces are perfectly flush without protrusions, specifically: vertical sealing joints between facing panels; door frame linings and finishing panels; suspended ceiling and finishing panels; floor surface and finishing panels. The system consents vertical levels adjustments of the substructure, provision aimed at suppressing and compensating significant level differences, imperfections and irregularities in the screed/floor of up to at least ± 20 mm. 2. Finishing panels The Lindo System® is designed so that its unique self-loading substructure can receive a wide range of finishing materials, opaque, and anti-glare, of different performance and costs which encourage the wider use of the system throughout the entire pavilion.
  • Type:operating
  • Characteristics:modular, hybrid
Corso Italia, 11,
28010 Fontaneto D'Agogna
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