Hospital door / laboratory / sliding / hermetic Lindo® SHD Italia

Hospital door / laboratory / sliding / hermetic Lindo® SHD Italia

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Sliding Doors for the Healthcare Sector for the construction of SURGICAL UNITS INTENSIVE CARE UNITS RECOVERY CARE UNITS Lindo® Automatic/Manual sliding doors with Single/Double Leaf are manufactured by a UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified company in a Controlled Bacterial Contamination Workplace. Lindo® sliding doors can be easily incorporated in Prefabricated Systems and in Conventional Walls. Lindo® sliding doors can be Automatically operated by means of electromechanical components, with appropriate command, adjustment and control parts in relation to the application requirements or, alternatively, Manually operated, with the sliding movement imparted manually by means of resin or stainless steel handles. Lindo® sliding doors can be supplied in Air-tight and Hermetically sealed versions. AIR-TIGHT SLIDING DOOR: consisting of a door in which the leaf performs exclusively a horizontal sliding movement. The Seal is obtained on the two vertical sides by means of leaf gaskets that locate against the extruded aluminium vertical profiles applied to the door lining. On the horizontal sides the upper and lower gaskets of the leaf slide in the area of the horizontal profile of the lining and the floor surface.
  • Medical establishment:laboratory, hospital
  • Protection type:hermetic
  • Type:sliding
Corso Italia, 11,
28010 Fontaneto D'Agogna
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