Operating room / hybrid / modular Transumed

Operating room / hybrid / modular Transumed

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Hybrid Design Our Hybrid OT, OPRID, which we developed in the year 2002 in cooperation with Prof. Axel Perneszky from the university of Mainz, department for neurosurgery, is an innovation that has already proved its worth many times in the areas of neurosurgery, cardiology/cardiosurgery and vascular surgery. Imaging methods, angiography and navigation in the operating theater guarantee a precise, minimally invasive, patient-friendly, interdisciplinary provision of medical care and bring considerable benefits for the patient in terms of quality and safety of treatment. Our newest development, the TRANSUMED Diagnostic and Therapy Line, is aknowledge by the leading cardio surgeons as "Ferrari among OT´s". It includes the operating theater with integrated angiography device and MRI or CT in a separate room. This equipment can be “connected up” if required, which means the patient is transported on the shortest routes to be examined. If a radiological diagnosis is not advisable during an operation, the partitioning option makes it possible to diagnose outpatients at the same time. The multiple utilization options provided by treatment and diagnosis processes implemented in this way justify high investment amounts and make a considerable contribution towards optimizing the efficiency of the unit.
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