Non-mydriatic retinal camera (ophthalmic examination) ORION NIDEK

Non-mydriatic retinal camera (ophthalmic examination) ORION NIDEK

NIDEK'S ORION provides auto retinal imaging through which ophthalmologists and optometrists are able to identify retinal anomalies and treat or refer the patient to a retinal specialist for further diagnosis and treatment. The ORION is a highly automated non-mydriatic fundus camera that works without the assistance of an operator. It produces high-resolution (7?m) color fundus images corresponding to a 7?m of optical resolution. The ORION automatically captures 5 retinal fields and composes them in a single color mosaic at 1,800 x 1,800 pixels (3.2 mega pixels) resolution. It comes incorporated with a unique voice-guided operation.
  • Type of instrument:non-mydriatic retinal camera
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