SLO ophthalmoscope (ophthalmic examination) F-10 NIDEK

SLO ophthalmoscope (ophthalmic examination) F-10 NIDEK

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Digital Ophthalmoscope F-10 produces non-invasive imaging with the Retro mode and FAF (Fundus autofluorescence). It produces fundus images of multiple depths with various light sources and SLO color image, high contrast images of FA (Fluorescein Angiography) and IA (Indocyanine Green Angiography). The frame rate for fluid motion picture of FA and IA is quite high. It has improved optical system (Catadioptoric system) for less aberration. The imaging procedure of Retro mode and FAF does not require the injecting the patients and offers high quality images for detecting pathology. This device has got 4 light sources having different wavelength, that offers 4 fundus images of multiple depth on each wavelength as well as provides 1 SLO color imaging on 3 wavelengths.
  • Type of instrument:SLO ophthalmoscope
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