Negative pressure wound therapy unit V.A.C.Via™ Kinetic Concepts

Negative pressure wound therapy unit V.A.C.Via™ Kinetic Concepts

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The V.A.C.Via™ Therapy System provides an efficient Negative Pressure Wound Therapy using a single, portable device. The portable and discreet device provides a simple and convenient 7 days therapy process to its patients. The system is designed to treat wounds of measuring to or below 250 cm3 size and exudate volume of 80 cc or less per day with similar clinical efficiency of present V.A.C.® Therapy products. The V.A.C.Via™ Therapy System creates the most wound healing moist environment suitable for an accelerated wound healing process. The environment promotes perfusion and granulation tissue formation. The system removes the excess infectious fluids and materials from wounds. V.A.C.Via™ Therapy System provides simple, effective and mobile treatment to its patients, simple application through minimal staff training, enables patients to move around the facility, provides effective treatment with a short span of duration with uninterrupted process and helps to quickly discharge the patients saving time and money.
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