Negative pressure wound therapy unit Prevena™ Kinetic Concepts

Negative pressure wound therapy unit Prevena™ Kinetic Concepts

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Prevena designed to create an environment that helps hold incision edges together. The Prevena Incision Management System covers and protects the incision from external infectious sources, while negative pressure removes fluid and infectious material from the surgical incision. Featuring 3M TegadermDressing adhesive and built in pressure indicator. Created for use over the surgical incision and surrounding intact skin. Integrated one piece dressing and self adhesive, peel and place dressing. One touch operation and 45 ml canister. Battery powered, single patient use with lightweight and portable. Remove fluids and infectious materials from the surgical site. Protect the incision site from external infectious sources. It is designed to conform to patient contours.
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8023 Vantage Dr,
San Antonio
United States
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