Near-infrared spectroscopy system Brainsight® Rogue Resolutions

Near-infrared spectroscopy system Brainsight® Rogue Resolutions

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Rogue Resolutions designs Brainsight NIRS as per internationally set standards of accuracy to provide precise results using modern technology. It smoothly blends neuronavigation with near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to deliver a powerful and unique solution functional multi-modal brain imaging in the field of neuroscience. The NIRS utilizes infrared light for detecting changes in concentration of oxygenated as well as de-oxygenated hemoglobin, present in the blood, overcoming the obstacles like bone and skin. Incorporating functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) principles, it has been found that these alterations in the blood oxygenation are directly in accordance with changes in brain activity. The Brainsight NIRS accomplishes this brain imaging with help of dual wavelength laser sources in conjunction with high sensitivity detectors intended for deep brain measurements. Besides, NIRS gathers advantages from supplementary detectors, intended for superficial signals measurement (e.g. from the scalp), that can be eliminated later on from the analysis. Locations of all detectors and sources can be captured using Brainsight’s neuronavigation features that permit alteration in blood oxygenation levels which can be mapped on 3D reconstructions of subject’s brain.