Electro-stimulator (physiotherapy) / hand-held / tDCS / 1-channel neuroConn tDCS Mobile Rogue Resolutions

Electro-stimulator (physiotherapy) / hand-held / tDCS / 1-channel neuroConn tDCS Mobile Rogue Resolutions
neuroConn tDCS Mobile

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The neuroConn tDCS MOBILE device is the first non-invasive brain stimulation device designed for high-throughput clinical trials and home use. The modular system comprises of the following modules: Stimulator – this module acts as an application or playback device, which plays the stimulation sequences deposited and activated in the Storage Module. Additionally, the Storage Module contains a microprocessor controlled constant current source. It is not possible to start stimulation with only the stimulator, this requires the connection with the Storage Module. Storage Module – this module performs as the storage and energy medium which contains the following data: Sequences of the stimulation, i.e. digital representation of the stimulations Structure of the stimulations (start-time window, number of stimulations, stimulation mode) Limits (voltage, impedance, etc.) Parameters to personalize the Storage Modules Parameters of the battery Programmer – this allows for the data transfer between the PC run configuration software and the Storage Module and vice versa whilst also providing charge to the Storage Module rechargeable batteries. Exclusive online smart analysis ensures proper set-up and use. Storage Modules can be cloud enabled allowing remote clinician / researcher supervision and programming.
  • Number of channels:1-channel
  • Type:electro-stimulator
  • Ergonomics:hand-held
  • Type of electrical stimulation:tDCS