Multipurpose radiography flat panel detector / wireless VDX 3543 Villa Sistemi Medicali

Multipurpose radiography flat panel detector / wireless VDX 3543 Villa Sistemi Medicali
VDX 3543

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VDX systems represent the easiest way to enjoy the advantages of digital radiology. Thanks to the 35x43cm size and the portable design, any VDX system grants a straightforward integration into your facility's current space and workflow, while assuring an unparalleled flexibility for either the application range and the configuration layouts. As long as it enhances the productivity of your radiology department, it maximizes your equipment lifetime and it cuts down the costs of the consumables, a VDX system definitely results the most cost-effective solution to go digital. The outstanding image quality, provided by the state of the art digital flat panel technology, immediately results in better diagnostic and interpretation by radiologists. The advanced image processing tools allow to fully exploit the entire image latitude, reducing the risk of repeated exposures, saving both undesired patient dose and waiting time. VDX 1400 or VDX-Air: choose the version that fits you best Sharing the same outstanding high resolution Silicon acquisition matrix, the VDX line consists of two versions: - VDX 1400 represents the most competitive solution, provided with a tether cable for both detector powering and image transferring. - VDX-Air is the wireless solution, giving the complete cordless positioning freedom of a conventional cassette. In this configuration the system is equipped with a battery charger and three batteries in order to never interrupt your workflow.
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