Ceiling-mounted X-ray tube holder LEM Plus Villa Sistemi Medicali

Ceiling-mounted X-ray tube holder LEM Plus Villa Sistemi Medicali
LEM Plus

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LEM Plus For its skillfulness and for the wide selection of configurations is that the ideal ceiling suspended tubestand for all kinds of radiology departments. The advanced style of lunar module and guarantees a high level of structural rigidity and strength, along with reduced dimensions. The wide vertical and lateral run span permits for a extremely effective use of the examination area house. once coupled to bucky tables, chest stands, or straightforward trolleys, glorious and immediate picture taking results are often obtained due to the convenience and accuracy of positioning. The versatility of a wide choice of configurations: Designed for a high level of performance, LEM Plus can reach every corner of the examination room. Thanks to the telescopic column with high rigidity and the spring counterbalanced vertical movement. Lem Plus ensures a rapid, effortless and precise positioning of the tube head, made even easier via an intuitive color coding system for the movements. Upon request, the movement can also be equipped with a motorised servo-mechanism
  • Installation:ceiling-mounted
Via delle Azalee, 3,
Buccinasco (MI)
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