Multipurpose radiography flat panel detector iDR-34 iCRco

Multipurpose radiography flat panel detector iDR-34 iCRco

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Introducing the iDR34: the only digital radiography solution capable of BOTH regional scanning and long length spinal imaging studies. With a 17”x34” field of use, the iDR34 can replace or supplement your existing RAD room environment. It gives you the ability to do all anatomy regions - neck and chest, full-torso, long-length, and spine. Because the system takes a single image, you can leverage compensation filters to balance out the exposure between thicker and thinner areas of anatomy. There is no need for multiple exposures, making the iDR34 an ideal low-dose solution for applications such as scoliosis evaluation in the pediatric segment. Our proprietary algorithm eliminates the need for image stitching software, creating a full-spine image in one exposure without having to take three separate x-rays. Low-dose, high-efficiency versatility makes the iDR34 second to none in the DR market today. It’s just another example of iCRco’s evolution in the field of DR radiography.
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