Acquisition software / medical imaging / medical XC iCRco

Acquisition software / medical imaging / medical XC iCRco

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The XC advanced image acquisition application provides clear and concise images, even in difficult conditions. The software provides manual imaging and workflow. The Patient Centric Workflow with Advanced ICE-2 Image Processing providing Fewer Screens Quicker Results. This gives the clinician the ability to select the procedure that is most suitable for their practice. The 64 bit processing, XC delivers ready-to-read images in the blink of the eye. There is a touch-enable interface, this provides immediate access to patient data, with familiar features clinicians can quickly navigate application, intuitive, smart and efficient the XC is a modern technological marvel, superior imaging acquisition device. The intelligent imaging algorithms automatically will apply the processing parameters, depending on the procedure selection of your choice. With directed work flows you can quickly get images, this save time.
  • Function:acquisition
  • Application domain:medical imaging, medical
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